League/SEIU Training and Upgrading. Fund. Article XXXIB Contract Interpretation and Policy Committee 93 . LEAGUE AGREEMENT. SEIU Reaches Contract Agreement with the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes. After months of talks that culminated in several. Members of SEIU District are eligible for a free college benefit with.

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Thanks to all of her SEIU benefits, Shernel Phillips-Williams has improved her health, secured quality child care for her daughter and bought her first home with her husband. Tweet Share Share Email More. Please consult your CBA, or your Delegate for the precise language. The strategic goal of SEIU is to achieve one high standard for all healthcare workers.

1199SEIU Reaches Contract Agreement with the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes

There are no changes to the full pension benefit retiring at or after age 65 with five years of vested service. Members with the State of Ohio have an obligation to provide quality health care and a safe environment.

In situations like these, Parole Officers must take time off of work for treatment, evaluation and medical follow up. The parties agreed to the deal well ahead of the Sept. Please do not hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center if you have any questions. On Behalf of SEIU District and our staff, thank you to all veterans and their families for your service and sacrifice. Share this message with family and friends.

State’s largest health-worker union reaches three-year contract with hospitals

State of Ohio members have been standing together to win favorable outcomes. State Workers Day in the Life Survey State of Ohio workers do exceptional work but often get portrayed in a negative light. It was showed that the member followed protocol and should not have been terminated. Working as a team with their Union Delegate, the member was able to have the reprimand reversed.


These dedicated members and others continue to show the importance of collective bargaining and the state contract.

In December, an Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Contrzct member was issued a disciplinary fine for a common practice that had not been flagged by management. This program fills the gap between federal, state, or employer education grants the student receives and the cost of tuition, fees, and e-books for some online programs.

We listened to your concerns and worked diligently to address them both at the main table and during agency-specific bargaining.

United we bargain, divided we beg! The new contract preserves healthcare coverage with no premiums, deductibles or co-pays.

New Contract Preserves Benefits, Protects Pension

As a result of the first grievance, the state agreed to return the fine to the member. Below are some contrac the recent victories: There are many differences, even small ones, among Collective Bargaining Agreements. What is included here is the master contract for the home attendants and housekeeperscovering some 40, workers in New York City.

The outcomes detailed below highlight the importance of collective bargaining and Union rights. As a result of their efforts, Members are being provided with 8 hours of relief from regular duties to complete important education and the requisite testing. Healthcare workers at St.

As a result of their efforts, members are being provided with 8 hours of relief from regular duties to complete important education and the requisite testing. The regional structure, both then and now, was set up to ensure organizers have less travel contracy more time with Members. Signup for Email Updates and Stay Connected Our mission is to improve the lives of working people and their families and to achieve greater social and economic justice.


Schenectady Cen Read More. The stand taken by these workers ensures proper training, a safe environment, and the best possible patient care. A member with the State of Ohio recently won two grievances relating to a disciplinary fine.

Child Care and Training and Employment: However, the employer failed to return the funds as required by a timeline set out in the contract.

On the morning after the presidential elections we woke up to President Donald J. Rules state that mandation is not allowed when working overtime on an off day. We will not allow their tactics to divide us from our ultimate goal of securing a contract that improves the lives of our members and their families.

Here are the summaries of some of our largest contracts. Because more than a dozen former SEIU healthcare Locals have merged with sincethey brought their own history, conditions and contracts. Withmembers in one thousand institutions in three states and the District of Columbia, SEIU has hundreds of contracts with employers in every sector of the healthcare industry from hospitals to clinics, pharmacies to home-care agencies and nursing homes, plus several human service agencies.